Go Green

Lochridge-Priest, Inc. offers a variety of Go Green energy-efficient home systems that reduce energy consumption, conserve water and save money for your family.

Go Green HVAC, Go Green Plumbing and Go Green Electrical were designed with your family in mind so you aren’t sacrificing your comfort for energy efficiency.

Go Green HVAC

Did you know that 65% – 80% of the energy consumption of the average home is through its climate system? We provide a variety of high efficiency options including solar, geothermal, heat pump, condensing furnaces, and duct less options. Solar energy works like any other form of energy. Utilizing solar systems can not only decrease your utility bills but also save you money with tax credits. When you choose solar energy, you know you’re making a smart decision that can significantly reduce your monthly utility costs. Lochridge-Priest, Inc. offers a complete selection of high-efficiency HVAC systems (including heat pumps and geothermal) that can save you as much as 20% annually on your total energy costs. These systems help keep you comfortable year-round and contribute to a cleaner global environment.

Go Green Plumbing

Go Green Plumbing from Lochridge-Priest, Inc. reduces the amount of water and energy your home consumes. Your home uses less, which means it costs you less on your monthly energy and water bills. With Go Green tankless water heaters and water filtration systems, your family will experience better health at a lower cost.

Go Green Electrical

Lighting alone can account for up to 5% of your home’s electric bill. Go Green Electrical systems use less energy and are also designed to last longer, meaning you don’t have to worry about constant repairs and replacements. Go Green Electrical services include LED lighting installation, energy efficient ceiling fans installation, and main panel balancing. Lochridge-Priest, Inc. electricians can work with you to find the best energy saving systems that work for your home.

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